Town Hall 10 Upgrade Priority guide Clash of Clans tips & trick

The Town Hall 10 Upgrade Priority is very much even in my opinion almost everything is important. But I will give a review or upgrade priority guide Town Hall 10. By the time we enter the early TH 10, we might like to be confused and ask questions, what building should we upgrade first? i yes, you are in the right place. Just find out, Town Hall 10 priority upgrades and upgrade order.

town hall 10 upgrade priority

Upgrade Priority

  • Firstly, Upgrade the Laboratory to level 8

It is very essential that you possess a builder prepared to upgrade the Lab immediately once you upgrade TH 10. It is because you actually don’t wish to delay your troop lab upgrades. It will take months to finish all of your. Town Hall 10 upgrade priority for laboratory to level 8. Now before you decide to upgrade the lab, you can start a troop upgrade. It requires 6 days for the Lab to finish its upgrade. If Lab after which upgrade the laboratory.

town hall 10 upgrade priority

  • Spell factory to level 5 and dark spell factory to level 3

Much like your laboratory, additional you don’t wish to delay you spell factory upgrade. It will require 6 days to finish your spell factory upgrade to level 5. In whose 6 days, you won’t have the ability to use any spells, that is a huge challenge. Upgrading the factory won’t enable you to get freeze spell, but probably enable you to get an additional slot, and both of them are vitally important like a TH 10.

Second Priority

  • Army Camp to level 8

Immediately after Clan Castle, we’ve the army camps. Upgrading all 4 of these can get you 20 more housing space units for troops. That is a huge and essential upgrade.

  • Clan Castle to level 6

I understand many people prioritize army camp on the clan castle, however the extra room inside your clan castle is really important. An Army camp upgrade gets you 5 extra camp space. While a clan castle upgrade also gets you 5 extra space, but there’s an impact. The clan castle may also be used for defense. The clan castle is simply overall much better than 1 army camp.

  • Barracks and dark barracks and then any remaining non-defensive building.
  • Container of resource, such as gold storage, elixir, dark elixir and others.
  • After that upgrade the defense building so that you wealth is difficult to be stolen by enemies, upgrades such as inferno tower, tesla, wizard, or wall.
  • Heroes barbarian king and queen archer.
  • Then next upgrade troops or spells.

War troops improvement order

You need a higher warfare force TH 10. You get 2 or 3 basic TH 10 stars with an attack strategy, so that a high level is needed.

town hall 10 upgrade priority

  1. Lava hound to level 3.
  2. Minion to level 6.
  3. Freeze spell to level 3 at least.
  4. Haste spell to level 3 or higher.
  5. Golem to level 5.
  6. Valkyrie to level 5.
  7. Wizards to level 7.
  8. Hogs.

And there are many more you can do on Town Hall 10 troops order upgrades, remember the important thing is Town Hall 10 upgrade priority above. I can’t mention everything because it’s too much if you want to see it, just go in the game or download and Clash of Clans unlimited resource then upgrade to TH 10 using gems and then see.

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