TH9 Upgrade Order or Priority Clash of Clans tips & trick

You must learn TH9 Upgrade order for Clash of Clans players. Because the game updates continue to come and loot gets slimmer at high amount of play. It is very essential that your town hall in the proper time. Supercell keeps punishing players that rush town hall upgrades, so that you need and maximize whenever possible before striking the button. I have faith that you need to remain at TH9 til you have met the next conditions.th9 upgrade order

TH9 upgrade order Clash of Clans

If you are a true Clash of Clans player and want to be stronger, below are some thing you need to know about TH9 Upgrade Order.

  • Max defense – You shouldn’t even consider striking the upgrade button until all your defense are max for TH9. Using the shield charges, you have to be in a position to hold your own to prevent other players from raiding you dry. It gets more difficult to farm at TH10, so ensure that you don’t need to play get caught up when you are getting there.
  • All walls to Lego (level 9) – Walls are extremely simple to farm when you are TH9, so that you is deserving of them up to it is possible to at this time from the game. When you are to TH10 it’ll be another 4-6 months (based on play style) before you can focus on walls again. I increased from 9 to 10 after I had skull (level 8) walls and try to regretted it.
  • Heroes to twenty (max if you’re able to) – I’d recommend getting each of your heroes to 30 when you are at TH9. However, you can move to fast at which is manageable. TH9 is the best destination for some time and grind your heroes and walls to great levels. With level 30 heroes like a new TH10, farming and wars is going to be easier for you personally. For queen upgrading, I acquired fed up with having her sit out for any week every level and acquired 14.000 gems simply to boost upgrading times and it is the very best decision I produced in the game. Having queen up constantly makes everything easier.
  • Max troop/spell level – Ensure that you have of the lab upgrades complete for that army and spells that you employ. Some units for example Goblin and Valkyrie I never use, and so I didn’t be worried about providing them with max before upgrading.

TH9 Upgrade Priority Preparations Clash of Clans

When you maximize you base thus hitting the upgrade to the TH10. You’re 12 days to organize before it finishes. During the period, you need to.th9 upgrade order

  • Fill storage – This can be a no-brainier. Farm enough to fill your storage’s prior to the upgrade finishes.
  • Fill clan castle war loot – Ensure that you possess the max quantity of war loot held in your clan castle. What this may is really place you two million within the cap. So you’ve ten million of every to invest around the new buildings and upgrades.
  • Time builders to finish with TH upgrade – Ensure that all your active builders finish before your town hall does. You need to have of the builders available when the upgrade completes.
  • Develop collectors yesterday upgrading finishes – I purchased a 1 day shield after I were built with a day left on my small upgrade, to ensure that my collectors could fill and set me on the cap.

Do some Clash of Clans TH9 Upgrade Order tips and trick above as much as possible, if you have to proceed with the maximum Clash of Clans Town Hall 10 upgrade orders. I am sure to get maximum result too.

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