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Clash of Paradise is extremely very easy to get. Using CoC private server, we don’t hack, but using 3rd party servers where others have unlimited gems, gold, and elixir exactly like you. Which means you aren’t special. Also, when you’re on the 3rd party server all of your friends and clans won’t be available here. All of your official accounts, friends, as well as your clan are hosted with an official server, so that they can not interrelated.

clash of paradise

The database of players from the official Coc game is synchronized every how to the internet server. This can be the reasons you require an active connection to the internet to try out games. So, creating a personal server with this game is nearly impossible, and never also believe in free gems and gold. They merely lead you to internet marketing, offering you tasks to accomplish.

You can expect several direct links for the famous Clash of Clans private server. Be sure to delete the initial Coc game out of your android phone. Then download and install the 3rd party server Coc file APK.

Feature Clash of Paradise

If you download Clash of Paradise here, you will enjoy the feature below. Actually the most interesting feature is Town Hall 12 and electro dragon, but I will mention some other feature.

clash of paradise


  • Gold and elixir storage level 13
  • Dark elixir level 7
  • Cannon level 16
  • Archer tower level 16
  • Mortar level 11
  • Air defense level 10
  • Hidden tesla level 10
  • Inferno tower level 6
  • Eagle artillery leel 3
  • Walls level 13 (100 pieces)
  • Electro dragon
  • Town Hall 12

Download Clash of Paradise

This is the latest clash of paradise update with new feature too, follow the installation method of clash of paradise below for the easiest way.

clash of paradise

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How to Install Clash of Paradise

  • Above mentioned “Download” may be the connect to download it.
  • Open the file once downloaded, it’ll inquire if you wish to trust of otherwise unknown sources.
  • If there’s no pop-up about unknown sources and doesn’t enable you to install the APK, go to settings > security > switch on unknown sources.
  • Once installed, click the app, then enjoy.

Since it is on a personal server so that you can have everything free of charge that you be turning over to buy on Clash of Clans by Supercell. You receive every source of free once you begin playing the game.

Note: Because these are created through the organizations, they’re not able to accept more users at the same times. If you acquire some errors like server full, make use of them in the different time.

Clash of Paradise each of these private servers are for sale to both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, with countless players registered players. Give it a try and share your thoughts about about the comment section below. Like us to obtain more information and APK downloads.

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